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You can change the language on the home page.
The website is divided in two languages. Changing the language you will switch the division. Comments and posts are differing from language to language.
Attention! Using the language which isn't applying to the division will attract burning moderator's interest.

BBCode – it’s easy!

         BBCode or Bulletin Board Code is a lightweight markup language used to format posts in many on sites. The available tags are usually indicated by square brackets ([ ]) surrounding a keyword. It is an excellent solution if you do not have a multifunction editor or if it does not work temporarily.

1. Removing spaces between tags and content. This syntax will not be displayed correctly or will be deleted.

[i]wrong! [/i]
[i] wrong![/i]
[i] wrong! [/i]

Correctly to write the code without spaces, it gives a guarantee on correct display.


2. When using complex tag constructs, it is important not to confuse the "reverse order of tags". All open tags must be closed in mirror order. For example:


1. Bold text
[b]Bold text[/b]

12. Italic text
[i]Italic text[/i]

13. Underline text
[u]Underline text[/u]

14. Strikethrough text
[s]Strikethrough text[/s]

15. Text and image align


6. Subscript text
[sub]Subscript text[sub]

7. Superscript text
[sup]Superscript text[sup]

9. Font size
[size size="{size}"]Font size[/size]
{size} - size in pixels
[size size="20px"}]Font size[/size]

10. Text color
[color color="{color}"]Text color[/color]
{color} - Text color. It is indicated by name (blue) or hexadecimal code with the prefix (#00008B).
[color color="blue"]Text color[/color]
[color color="#00008B"]Text color[/color]

11. Quote
11.1. Quotation without author

11.2. Quote on the author's post on the forum
[quote quote={id}]Quote[/quote]
{id} - post number on the forum (on the right in the header of the post)

12. URL
12.1. Link to visible URL
12.2. Link with visible text

[url url="link"]URL[/url]
"link" - link with https:// protocol
[url url=""]bbcode[/url]

13. Image
{image_url} - link to images with the https: // protocol
( {image_url} = )

14. YouTube video

{id} - identification number in the address after = (mraRO_BNQG4)
{url} - video address (

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