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1/10 Update

  • Added a bindable key for typing a custom message on your tower in the active lane.
  • Increased maximum custom message length.
  • Increased visibility of chat wheel mute button.
  • Replaced “Chat with Opponent” button on the end game screen with an “Add Friend” button if you are not friends with your opponent.
  • Last action is shown as a mini card on the HUD.
  • Fixed many cases of last action details not listing the targeted cards.
  • Fixed glossary keywords not working when inspecting active ability actions.
  • Fixed some cases where the last used AI deck was not saved.
  • Added the ability to send and receive friend requests on the end game screen or using the steam icon in-game.
  • Fixed various Call to Arms leaderboard UI bugs.

Game clock:

  • After you receive the coin, the game clock now waits an additional 5 seconds before it begins ticking.
  • The tournament timer now grants 30 seconds per round, down from 1 minute, and starts at 2:30, down from 3:00.
  • The standard timer now grants 1 minute per round, down from 2 minutes, and starts at 3:00, down from 5:00.
  • Draft gauntlets and Constructed gauntlets now use the tournament timer rather than the standard timer. (Call to Arms and Global Matchmaking use the updated standard timer.)
  • Fixed a bug where animations that killed multiple heroes would start your clock ticking down before the animation finished.
  • Fixed a bug where you could pass very quickly using the spacebar during a long animation, causing the opponent’s clock to start ticking down before the animation finished.


  • The imp’s holiday hats have been put back in the attic.


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