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1/18 Update

  • Fixed the game engine pausing when bringing up the Steam Overlay.
  • Added buttons to the HUD for viewing decklists.
  • Fixed not being able to inspect heroes in Minimap.
  • Fixed Marrowfell Brawler dialog not working.
  • Fixed being able to get the Fought Well bonus in tied games.
  • Visual improvements for Keenfolk Musket, Sow Venom, Fury Swipes, Corrosive Skin, and Hellbear Crippler.
  • Fixed visual bugs with heroes sometimes overlapping during deployment.
  • Thundergod’s Wrath now shows its played card after the animation.
  • Various stability improvements.

Reduced length of various animations and effects:

  • Card draw
  • Entering and exiting shopping
  • When opponent plays an Improvement the camera no longer scrolls to the target lane
  • Dimensional Portal, Defensive Bloom, Sow Venom
  • Eclipse, Thundergod’s Wrath, Poof


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