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Artifact adds skill rankings and the opportunity to get free cards

As you know, the popularity of the Artifact after the release began to fall. This is normal for a multiplayer game in which there is no basic motivation. Valve would have added a rating anyway, but they didn’t stop there. Probably based on our comments, they included a reward system for the time spent in the game. This is an alternative to daily Hearthstone quests.

Skill Rating


Ranging from 1-75, your Skill Rating is a reflection of your rising mastery of Artifact. At the start of each season, every player starts at Skill Rating 1. Over the season, every victory against an opponent with a higher Skill Rating will raise your own.


Some players look to bring a finely-honed constructed deck into a game, others prefer to build one on the fly in draft. Independent constructed and draft skill ratings let you claim your kingdom, or vie for both crowns.


During a season, once you’ve earned a skill rating, you’ll never lose it. In a few months, a new season will begin, and ratings will reset – giving you a fresh opportunity to prove your skill.



Every matchmade game in Artifact grants XP used to level your account and unlock more content. Reaching certain tiers grants level icons to show the world what you’ve accomplished, while others grant card packs or tickets (up to fifteen of each this season).


If you win three games in a week, you will be awarded a significant XP bonus. Whether you want to draft, play a Call to Arms game, or try out a new constructed deck doesn’t matter — any win in a matchmade game will move you closer to the bonus.


Additional XP can be earned every match based on how you play. Did you fully equip all of your heroes? Maybe you managed to win without using a single healing item. There are dozens of available bonuses and you can earn up to three each match.

As a result, indeed, the number of players in the game has increased markedly. Adding free cards to the game will affect the cost of cards. In the future, cards will be cheaper, and it will be easier to assemble the collection. But also superfluous cards from such packs cannot be sold expensively.


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