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Update Artifact 1.1

The first update of Artifact 1.1 is already available. This mainly affected the social functions of the game. But new types of tournaments were also added and two new decks were added to the Call of Battle event. Valve improved the visibility of cards, changed the behavior of bots and fixed some errors.



  • Added two new decks: Death From Above and Dark Aggro.
Creeps and heroes may be strong – but spells are power incarnate. Your enemies dare not mass for an assault, because of the destructive might of Annihilation. Eclipse and Mystic Flare disintegrate your foes with ease. Amuse yourself by manipulating your foes to swing at the wrong target or even fight each other. Finally, obliterate the opposing tower with the mighty Bolt of Damocles.


You have sworn The Oath to ensure victory. Knock your opponent off balance by disrupting their mana. Every unit between you and your opponent’s tower is a target for your turrets and cannons, every hero marked for Assassinate. And when you create your opening, no one hits the tower harder than the fearsome Sorla Khan with her Assault Ladders.


  • Added random mode: each game you’ll be given a new random deck from the Call To Arms gauntlet.

For those who have mastered the Call to Arms decks, we offer a new challenge. Each time you queue for a match in Random Mode you will receive a random Call to Arms pre-con deck. Show the breadth of your knowledge and the depth of your skill by building the highest win streak you can.

  • Added maximum win-streak leaderboards for each deck with Global and Friends filters.

Compete with your friends or measure yourself against the global best. The new Call to Arms leaderboards track your top win streaks with every deck. Leaderboards reset every two weeks, giving you multiple chances to set a new personal record that reaches the top.


  • Added unit chat wheels accessible in-game. Every creep and hero has custom voice lines accessible by pressing ‘Y’ when hovering that unit, or by doing a long hold of the left mouse button. Towers and improvements also support the chat wheel.
  • Unit chat wheels have an option for custom lines to allow general in-match chat.
  • Added the ability to request a Steam Chat with your current opponent either during the game, accessible through their nameplate in the HUD, or from the end-of-match screen.
  • Opponent’s chat wheel messages can be muted, either through the in-game or through the message itself.

Possess your cards and make them speak your will. Each hero and summoned creep now features fully voiced lines of dialogue for you to control. Simply mouse over a hero or creep in play, and hit the “Y” button to bring up a wheel of dialogue options. Want a deeper conversation? Send custom messages through your cards or invite your opponent to a traditional Steam Chat. Stay safe and sane: with one click you can opt-in to a non-friend’s messages or block an obnoxious opponent for the duration of the game.


  • Added new Free-For-All tournament type. This is a less-structured mode where all participants can play against each other (up to specified time or rematch limits). The event winner is determined by whoever has the most wins over the course of the event.
  • Added Open Tournaments. These are tournaments that are created and maintained automatically by Artifact. For this first release, each Open Tournament will last three hours and have between 16 and 64 players participating in a Free-For-All using only common cards.
  • Added the ability to adjust many tournament options after tournament creation, for instance maximum player count, series types, or rounds of Swiss.

In the new Free-for-All tournament mode, you will have 3 hours to battle as many opponents as you can (each opponent can be fought twice). When the dust has settled, the individual with the most victories will be declared the victor. This new format is also now available for user created tournaments as well. Just select the size and rules, and let the Grand Melee commence.

Our inaugural Open Tourney challenges players to use decks made with only common cards. You are able to switch your deck every match, so feel free to experiment and field combinations that you would normally not see in a constructed gauntlet.

With a click of a button you are instantly placed in a tournament with other players. There is no need to ping friends on steam chat, or set up and promote a tournament on your favorite forum. We do the lifting for you, so you can get right to playing.


  • Added Color Blind Mode option: when enabled, this will separate card colors more on the luminance scale the in game and various UI.
  • Added Color Suit Banners option: when enabled, this will add flags to the face of each card representing its color.

This update we’re adding two new ways to improve card visibility to the settings menu. For Color Blind Mode we adjusted the luminance of each house color, making cards easier to distinguish in various contexts: the deck builder, your hand, or on the board itself. We also added Suit Banners to each of the four colors, giving an entirely color-independent way to know which suit a card belongs to. Suit Banners are also visible in the deck builder, enabling filtering and sorting by suits as well as color.

  • Added Bot Gauntlet where after each win you will go up against a tougher deck.

The new Bot Challenge Gauntlet presents players with a series of increasingly formidable decks to play against. As you defeat the AI, you will unlock new decks for you to face (24 total, with more to come in the future). The variety of opposing decks not only keeps bot matches fresh, it helps you test your deck to see how consistently it will perform under a variety of circumstances. Selectable difficulty levels allow you to test yourself even further.


  • Fixed the ‘Minimize Shop’ button not appearing during the shopping phase if you had no cards in your hand.
  • Fixed an issue where optional unit ‘subtitle’ chat bubbles would sometimes not follow animating cards.
  • Fixed an issue where users with IMEs enabled couldn’t use certain keyboard shortcuts (eg., spacebar for pushing the pass coin).
  • Fixed an issue where you could unintentionally add multiple copies of the cards required to complete your set before making a Steam Market purchase.
  • Fixed the deck editor text filter not doing partial matches for Hangul characters.
  • Fixed an issue where cards cloned by Ogre Magi’s Multicast or …And One For Me that were later locked wouldn’t have the visual lock indicator in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the deck editor would unhelpfully remember an earlier state when loading initially (eg., your deck from a completed draft).
  • Fixed Path of the Wise taking an unnecessarily long time to return control to the player.
  • Fixed a client crash that would happen when previewing certain effects on a card that was about to be destroyed by an opponent action.
  • Fixed a rare client crash after an opponent played certain cards.
  • Fixed a rare client crash when looking at a tower’s damage preview tooltip in unusual cases.


  • Easy bot difficulty is now a little easier.
  • Updated the localization files.


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