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What awaits Artifact in the near future?

What awaits the players Artifact. In March, Valve published an article that says the game will be globally changed. The developers argue that to return the reputation of the game you need big changes Artifact. Since the last official announcement, more than three months have passed.

Some analysts claim that Valve has closed the project and will not develop it. Most believe that after Richard left, the Valve developers got down to business and are working hard on the project. After making changes, it should be Artifacr Reborn. This will be a new CCG.

What may be changes (but this is not accurate):

  1. The monetization of the game will change. Either the game will have very cheap packs, or the game will be free.
  2. Game design (board, visual cards, etc.).
  3. Well-developed balance.
  4. Improved game mechanics.
  5. Added events. (like Hearthstone).

This list is taken from public sources and is not official information.


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