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Why did Artifact fail? Some analytics …

As you know, after the release, the interest of players to Artifact began to plummet. According to statistics, online at the time of the game was more than 60,000. After 3 months, it was less than a thousand. Now it ranges from 150 to 200 players.

User Comment Statistics

What are the reasons for the failure?! After reading a few reviews about the game, you can make a list of problems, starting with the most popular.

1. The game is paid and requires further costs.

Compared to Hearthstone, Artifact had a very difficult start, since it was paid. Richard Garfield was the creator of MTG and wanted to make a digital card game from a board game. This is the main problem, since all board games require money to collect a collection. By the way, and the collection can cost a considerable amount.

Many bought the game, despite the cost of $ 20. After playing a bit, everyone understood that the best card in the game is credit. In my opinion, this is due to an ill-considered balance of cards.

Players do not want to invest in digital cards. As they say, a paper picture under the pillow is better than a picture of the Axe on a server.

2. Boring and monotonous content.

Game design output is very monotonous and boring. There were almost no visual effects on the cards, many of them were broken. Most of the visual effects were done after the Artifact was released.

Three playing fields are the same and two-dimensional. Very weak game dynamics. This is important when the duration of one game is about half an hour.

The range of playable decks is quite small, many of the cards in the game are not used at all. There is no system of flexible strategies.

3. The absence of a pronounced rating system.

At the start, the game has no rating system at all. Rating added only in mid-December.

4. The presence of a casino in the game.

The game has cards with random, but this is not a problem. The problem lies in the random arrows of the attack vectors and the deployment of creeps. I saw a lot of matches, where such a random decided the outcome of the game.

5. A lot of bad comments on Steam.

If you look at the schedule of reviews about the game, then there will be a lot of good comments, but first of all you pay attention to the negative ones. From the very beginning, the bad reputation of the game was created because of a bad economic strategy.


Graf online the players


As a result, Richard’s plan to create valuable digital photographs did not work. The game came out very raw. The creation of the artifact took more than a year. Dota Underlord or Dota 2 IT 2019, it seems, the developers have worked on them much longer.

Richard and his development team “left” the project in January. Now the game is being developed by Valve employees.

Valve tried to keep the rating of the game by introducing many patches. They added the ability to get free cards, which essentially contradicts the basic concept of the game. But this did not change the situation much.

At the moment, the future of Artifact is unknown. In March, Valve wrote that the game will be fixed and improved. News from developers Artifact does not come more than three months.


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