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Arm the Rebellion



Card type

Card color

Cost of mana



Modify allied creeps with +2 Attack and +1 Armor.


I’ll never forget the first day of the rebellion. Tresdin sent me to collect rations from the farmers of Roseleaf… supplies in case the Red Mist siege would be prolonged… but it was a lean year for those farmers. I reported what they could spare, but Tresdin decided it wasn’t enough, and so she instructed her thugs to take what they needed by force…after all, ‘it was for their own good.’ Well when her people arrived they didn’t find cowering farmers. They found an army that I will lead until my dying day. The men, women and pups of Roseleaf deserve to live their lives free of Stonehall’s grip. And while the price of their freedom will be blood, it is a price we are all willing to pay. — Rix, Rabble-Rouser


Mini image of Arm the Rebellion from the Artifact


Robert Simon


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