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Escape Route



Card type

Card color

Cost of mana



Active 1: Return an allied hero to the Fountain.


Losel. We both know who wants you dead… and we both know the wealth they command. However, seeing as I’m sitting here talking and not hiding your family’s bodies it should be obvious that the Jasper Circle has not been extended a contract yet. And while there is good money in murder, there’s also a lot of effort in it and I’m a busy man. So, if you were to say, hire the Jasper Circle to smuggle you out of town safely, I would be forced to tell the gentleman whom I’m meeting tonight that my services are already under retainer. Regardless of what you choose, our paths will cross again this evening… but the circumstances of that visit are entirely up to you. — Lorlin Lasan, Leader of the Jasper Circle


Mini image of Escape Route from the Artifact


Bayard Wu


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