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Image of Meepo's first ability

Active 2: Move Meepo to an allied Meepo‘s lane. Deal 2 damage to the new enemy neighbors.

Image of Meepo's second ability

United We Fall
Meepo has Soulbound. (If Meepo dies, other allied Meepos in every lane also die.)

Signature Cards

Divided We Stand


I’m not going to lie, life’s been a little rough. I was on a tear playin’ the couriers in White Spire, when all of a sudden I hit a cold streak. It happens. We figure we were due for a win so we go to Momma Eeb and take out a marker. Based on past dealings, Eeb’s not too keen to let us borrow the money so we give her Meepo 3 as a collateral. We go back to the track, and well- look, I can’t stress enough how cold the couriers were that day. We have a team meeting and decide it’s not fair that Meepo 3 gets his legs broken because a sure thing fell through. So I go the Jasper Circle and get a loan to pay Eeb and get Meepo 3 back. But now we’re in it with the Jasper Circle so we really don’t want to take any chances because Momma Eeb will mess you up, Lasan will straight up kill ya. So we decide to do some odd jobs for the Ravenhooks and skim enough money off the top to be able to pay back the Jasper Circle, but that’s when I realize that there’s no way we could get cleaned out 3 times in a row… you’re smart people, I think you can figure out where this is going. So mistakes were made and now we’re back to where we started with the Jasper Circle debt only this time the Ravenhooks won’t take us back because, ya know, we robbed them. We’re freaking out and pointing fingers, and that’s when Meepo 3 sees a wanted poster for our old friend Mireska. Now Lord Sunbreeze has put a huge bounty on his daughter that would cover the Jasper debt in spades, but A: Mireska’s a friend… and more importantly B: there was no way we’d get to her before Gondar did. So I come up with a new plan. Gondar will capture Mireska. We’ll free Mireska. Mireska will owe us. And Mireska will keep the Jasper Circle from killing us. It’s a perfect plan. What could go wrong? — Meepo, Petty Con Man


Mini image of Meepo from the ArtifactHero image of Meepo in the game Artifact


Wisnu Tan


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