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Red Mist Maul



Card type

Item type

Cost of gold



Equipped hero has +2 Attack and +5 Siege.


Long ago, the Oglodi capital was a shining beacon of art and philosophy… and then they met the Tarnsmen. A barbarous group of demon worshipers, the Tarns lay siege to the Oglodi’s great city, sating their bloodlust on any they could find. It was a massacre. The battle ended, only because the Tarns grew bored… and left a great civilization in ashes. Ever a resilient people, the Oglodi rebuilt and started again… referring to the razing of their capital as ‘The Bleak Day’. But for some rebuilding was not enough. They believed that forsaking the martial in favor of the esoteric is what led to their down fall… and so they left and formed the first Red Mist Horde. — Jolixia, The Card Faun


Mini image of Red Mist Maul from the Artifact


Pauline Voss


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