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Image of ability of Rix

Relentless Rebel
Rix has Rapid Deployment.

Signature Cards

Act of Defiance


I was conscripted to the Bronze Legion when I was a pup. They marched through my village with their shiny armor and promises of glory and I couldn’t sign on fast enough. I smiled when they put the conscript mark on my arm cause I knew that if I worked hard enough, if I followed orders, if I showed valor and skill in battle I would make something of myself and become more than just a stupid savage from redmaw. And so I followed. And fought. And killed. And with every town we occupied, every insurrection we quelled, every voice of dissent I silenced, the words ‘for the glory of Stonehall’ grew hollower, and that bronzed mark I took pride in became heavier. So now we march through Roseleaf to intercept the Red Mist Horde, and again my Commander has asked me to ‘speak to my savage people’… well speak to them I shall… and when I do, they’ll understand that I will fight beside them until every soldier is sent back to Stonehall in a bronzed coffin. — Rix, Leader of the Vhoul Rebellion


Mini image of Rix from the ArtifactHero image of Rix in the game Artifact


Chris Rahn


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