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Winter Wyvern



Card type

Card color




Image of ability of Winter Wyvern

Arctic Burn
Active 2: Move Winter Wyvern to an empty combat position and give it +4 Attack this round.

Signature Cards

Winter’s Curse


Writers block. It is an awful condition that can ensure even the most prolific of authors. Once the words used to flow freely from my lips to my scribe Thrael’s ears…but lately I have been… distracted by the pulp drivel Goodkind unleashes into the world. I had no idea that the adventures of a monosyllabic red thug could capture so many readers, yet if I am to be honest my own works feel boring in comparison… its vexing. Ah well, I guess it’s time to find Goodkind and eat her. — Auroth, the Winter Wyvern


Mini image of Winter Wyvern from the ArtifactHero image of Winter Wyvern in the game Artifact


Sung Choi


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