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Creeps in the Artifact game are used to summon a unit to a game board. These cards can be played either from your hand or automatically using other cards. In addition to the cards Creeps belonging to one of the factions of color, there are neutral Creeps. Unlike Heroes, Creeps cannot equip Items or respawn after death, but may have different abilities.

Card Description

Emblem of cards Creeps ArtifactCreeps is a separate type of card in Artifact. Cards have four colors as well as neutral. On top of the card is the cost and name. It has its own icon on the left in the illustration. Under the picture is a description of the card. At the bottom of the map is the rarity and characteristics of the creep. But not all creep cards have a description, cost and color, such as neutral units.

Signature Cards

Some creep cards, along with other color cards, can be signature cards of the hero. Adding to the deck or getting the hero from the pack, signature cards are added automatically. For example: Savage Wolf.


Use Creeps

You can play a creep card during the Action Phase. The creep occupies a cell on the line. Attack vector will be random too. Players can have an infinite number of units on the line. There are also cards that invoke creeps in a certain phase, for example, in the Deploying Phase.

Abilities Creep

Most creeps have their own abilities. Some have a cooldown.

Killing Creep

After killing an opponent’s creep, the player gets 1 gold.

Restrictions of Use

  • You can only use the creep with a hero of the corresponding color in the game. For example, if you do not control the hero on the lines, you cannot use the card.
  • Playing a creep on the line you spend Mana. The amount of mana you can use is indicated to the left of the tower. There are also a number of cards that allow you to change the amount of manna on the line. (Mana Drain, Stars Align etc.)
  • There are other side restrictions that a player may impose on the opponent. (Silence, Lock)

Neutral Creeps

Melee Creep is a neutral creature that appears in the deployment phase to random lines.

List of Creep Cards

Full list of all cards can be viewed here.

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