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Heroes in the game Artifact, not only from the game Dota 2, but also many new Heroes from the lore.

Description of Hero Cards

Emblem of cards Hero ArtifactHero is the most important player card in the game. It is the basis on the strategy and player behavior. Hero cards must be 5 in a deck. In the artifact, each hero is classified into one of the four following colors: Black cards, Blue cards, Green cards and Red cards. The color of the hero card determines which cards you can play with this hero.

  • Red color is based on stronger characters with weaker abilities.
  • Blue color — on the contrary, weaker heroes with powerful skills.
  • Green color offers a variety of stat buffs and summon a creep. 
  • Black color has many options for mobility, direct damage and use on all boards.

In the top of the card are a small image of the hero and the name of the card. By the miniature icons of the hero, you can determine its signature Cards. In the upper left corner of the illustration, there is a picture that indicates that this is a hero card. In the middle of the illustration shows the ability. At the very bottom of the card, its rarity and characteristics are indicated.

Signature Cards

Each hero has signature cards.Adding to the deck or getting the hero from the pack, signature cards will be added automatically.


Deploying Heroes

Heroes are deploy into play in the order they are placed in the deck. The first three appear on the corresponding lines. The fourth deploy during your first Deployment Phase, and the fifth during the second phase. Dead heroes, or who were returned to the Fountain, deploy in the same phase.


Heroes can have their own individual abilities. The abilities of the characters differ in four types: Active, Reactive, Continuous, Passive.

  • Active abilities are abilities that trigger when a player activates them during the action phase.
  • Continuous effects are effects that act passively.
  • Reactive abilities are abilities that trigger when certain conditions are met in response to an opponent’s action.
  • Passive abilities are abilities that trigger when certain conditions are fulfilled and depends on your actions.


Heroes have different characteristics Attack, Armor and Health. So for example there are more strong heroes who can be put in off-line. And there are heroes rather frail, which is not desirable to leave alone. All this is similar to the arrangement of heroes on the line in Dota 2.

Equipped Items

Heroes have three slots for items at the top of the card. In each slot you can equip different types of items. Equipped items are divided into Weapon, Armor and Health. If the hero is already wearing this type of item, it is replaced, and the old item is destroyed.

Hero Killing

If the hero dies, he returns to the Fantan on two turns, until he is deployed to the line again. For killed enemy heroes, the player receives 2 Gold, to purchase items.

List of Hero Cards

Full list of all cards can be viewed here.

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