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Improvements are a card in the Artifact, with a unique effect to enhance the table. Like regular Spells, you use them on the board. After using the Improvement Сard, it provides continuous line enhancements. Lines can have several Improvements at once, and all active Improvements are displayed on the side of the owner’s tower. This is shown as an icon to the left of the opponents tower (or yours). Over time, this can be very dangerous if your deck does not have the ability to beat it.

Card Description Improvement

Emblem of cards Improvements ArtifactImprovements are a special type of card for improving a game board. In the card top are the cost and name of the card. In the upper left corner of the illustration, there is a picture that indicates that this is an improvement card. Sometimes in the picture you can see a miniature of the hero, this suggests that this improvement card is signature-based for the hero. Below the figure is a description of the action of this card. At the very bottom of the card, its rarity is indicated.

Signature Cards

When adding hero to a deck or when receiving a hero card from a pack, signature cards are added automatically.


Use Improvements

You can use improvement cards only during the Action Phase. After applying the card, it is attached to the line and will give effect or actions on this line. The improvement cards on the line can be seen to the left and to the right of your tower or the enemy tower. It are indicated as a miniature card image in a circle.

Card effects

Effects can be different and work in different phases in accordance with the description of the card. Some enhancement effects cards have a cooldown.

Destruction Improvements

Any improvements can be aborted with some cards. (Smash Their Defenses!, Raze et al.).

Restrictions of Use

  • You can only use improvements with a hero of the corresponding color in the game. For example, if you do not control the hero on the lines, you cannot use the card.
  • All improvements have a mana cost. The amount of mana that can be used to apply the card is indicated to the left of the tower. There are also a number of cards that allow you to change the amount of manna on the line. (Mana Drain, Stars Align et al.)
  • There are other side restrictions that a player may impose on the opponent. (Silence, Lock)

List of Improvement Cards

Full list of all cards can be viewed here.

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