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Items is a card type in Artefact, that is purchased for gold during the purchase phase. Items are generated at the store randomly, but can be obtained in other ways.

Card Description Item

Emblem of cards Item ArtifactItem – a type of card in an artifact that is not divided into colors. There are several types of items in Artifact. In the upper left corner, the icon indicates the type of item. Item cards have characteristics and type of use, which is described in the center of the card. At the very bottom of the card, its rarity is indicated. In the lower right corner, the cost of gold is indicated.



Cards are divided into several types:

  • Weapons – gives your hero additional damage, usually by directly increasing the damage done.
  • Health – increase the health of the hero and increases the level of survival. Often can provide protective bonuses.
  • Armor – gives your hero additional armor. These items can also be buffs or debuffs of your enemy heroes.
  • Consumables – these items help players, but they can only be used once before they are spent. They can heal, provide you with additional cards by selecting or searching through a deck.


You can use and equip items in the Action Phase. If the character is already wearing this type of item, it will be replaced, and the old item will be destroyed.

Card effects

Items can give not only passive stats, but also active effects that have a cooldown.


Item purchased for Gold. Items can be in the Purchase Phase. The choice of the player is given 3 types of subject:

  • One random item from a secret shop. Secret Shop – these items tend to have a special character and offer unique effects. Items of this type can be for equipment or consumables. These items are taken from a special, predetermined pool of cards, of which one is selected at random to offer the player in each phase of purchases.
  • Your items of equipment that are in the deck. You can buy them one at a time in a random order.
  • Consumables

Destruction of Items

In the Artifact there are cards that can destroy enemy items. For example Apotheosis Blade.

Restrictions of Use

  • All items cost a certain amount of gold. Players can earn gold by killing units or using some cards. (Iron Fog Goldmine, Revtel Investments etc.)
  • There are other side restrictions that a player may impose on the opponent. ( Silence, Lock )

List of Items Cards

Full list of all cards can be viewed here.

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