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1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred as the Agreement) refers to the website

1.2. This Agreement regulates the relations between the Administration of the website “” (hereinafter – the Website Administration) and the User of this website.

1.3. The Website Administration reserves the right to change, add or delete the clauses of this Agreement any time.


2.1. The subject of this Agreement is the provision of an account to the User, with the possibility of communication and posting material on the website. The User is provided with news, information and reference information.

2.2. All services are covered by this Agreement, as well as any services that will appear in the future.


3.1. The Website Administration has rights:

3.1.1. Change the rules for using the website, and modify the content of this website.

3.1.2. Process your personal data ( email ) to register your account.

3.1.3. In case of violation of the terms of this Agreement by the User, the Website Administration has the right to limit the use of the User account.

3.2. The User has rights:

3.2.1. Get access to the use of the website after compliance with registration requirements.

3.2.2. Use all services available on the website.

3.2.3. Use the website only for the purposes specified in the Agreement, and not prohibited by law.

3.3. The User of the website undertakes:

3.3.1. Provide additional information, which is directly related to the services provided by this website, upon the request of the Website Administration.

3.3.2. Observe the property and non-property rights of authors and other right holders when using the website.

3.3.3. Do not take actions that can be considered as violating the normal operation of the website.

3.3.4. Do not distribute with the use of the website any confidential and legally protected information about Users.

3.3.5. Avoid any actions that could  violate the confidentiality of User information in result.

3.3.6. Follow the website Сommunity Rules.

3.3.7. Do not use the website for the distribution of advertising, without the consent of the Administration of the website.

3.4. The User is prohibited from:

3.4.1. Use any devices, programs, procedures, algorithms and methods to copy or track the content of the website.

3.4.2. Violate the proper functioning of the website.

3.4.3. Any way to bypass the navigation structure of the website to obtain any information or materials that are not represented by the services of this website.

3.4.4. Unauthorized access to the functions of the website, to any other systems or networks related to this website.

3.4.5. Violate the security or authentication system on the website or in any network related to the website.

3.4.6. Perform reverse search, track or attempt to track any information about any The User of the website.

3.4.7. Use the website and its contents for any purposes prohibited by

law. Incite to any illegal activity.


4.1. Website and content are owned and operated by the Website Administration.

4.2. The content of the website can not be copied, published, reproduced, or posted on the global Internet without the consent of the Website Administration.

4.3. The content of the website is protected by copyright, trademark law and other intellectual property rights.

4.4. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account information, including the password, as well as for the activities that are performed on behalf of the Account User.

4.5. The User must notify the Website Administration about unauthorized use of his account or password.


5.1. Any losses that the User may incur in the event of a breach of the Agreement are not reimbursed by the Website Administration.

5.2. The Website Administration is not responsible for:

5.2.1. Delays or failures during the operation due to force majeure circumstances, as well as any malfunctions in telecommunications, computer, electrical and other related systems.

5.2.2. In the event that the User does not have the necessary technical means to use the website.


6.1. The Administration of the Website has the right to stop and (or) block access to the website without the prior notification of the User, if the User has violated this Agreement.

6.2. Administration of the Website is not responsible to the User or for stopping access to the website.

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