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You can change the language on the home page.
The website is divided in two languages. Changing the language you will switch the division. Comments and posts are differing from language to language.
Attention! Using the language which isn't applying to the division will attract burning moderator's interest.

Сommunity Rules

These rules and recommendations apply to all sections of the website. The published content of the website is free to view for all visitors to the resource. Our rules are based on the rules of the Steam и Twitch.

At the moment the website is under construction. If you have questions, you can write to the Moderators or create a topic.

On the website it is forbidden:

  1. Use obscene expressions and symbols to replace them.
  2. The use of links to Internet resources with an unsafe http:// protocol forbidden (including pictures). Use pictures and links with the protected protocol https: //.
  3. Publication of unofficial materials, news, which may misinform community of participants.
  4. Creation of themes with a “CRYING” title or partially written in capital letters. Creating themes with an ambiguous title (for example, “Help”, “Warning!”, “Urgent”, “Look”, etc.).
  5. The website is divided in two languages. Use of a language that is not intended for this division of the website or language that is not on the website is prohibited.
  6. Spam.
  7. Placement or discussion on the advertising website. If you want to advertise something, we would be grateful if you first ask for permission.
  8. Trolling.
  9. Discussions on religious topics, political beliefs.
  10. Propaganda in any form of use or distribution of narcotic drugs, alcohol products, psychotropic drugs; propaganda of terrorism. Propaganda, placement of materials or links to Internet resources containing non-licensed content, violation of the Game Rules, “crack”, and other materials.
  11. Voting Manipulation
  12. Placement of images, links to images, links to Internet resources containing elements of pornography, violence, propaganda of terrorism, neo-Nazism, discrimination on any grounds, alcohol products or narcotic drugs, obscene, offensive messages, profanity.
  13. Register more than one account, impersonate another person, bypass the lock.
  14. Persecution of users, disclosure of confidential information.
  15. A publication with content that is considered illegal under the law.
  16. Actions that are considered illegal Steam (hacking, cheating …).
  17. Copyright infringement.

Table of Infractions

Infraction Ban Duration
Using indecent language. 1-2 days
Using the protocol http:// 1-2 days
Disinformation of the community 1-3 days
Incorrect topic creation 2-4 days
Use incorrect language 2-4 days
Spam 2-4 days
Advertising 5-10 days
Trolling 5-10 days
Discussions on religious and political topics 10-15 days
Propaganda 15-25 days
Voting Manipulation 15-25 days
Posting prohibited images and links 20-30 days
Manipulating an account 20-30 days

In case of infraction of the rules, the administration sets the duration of the ban, depending on the degree of infraction. Infraction can be applied from one day to the ban account for an indefinite period.

Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility for the committed violations!

Ver. № 1.01 07.03.18

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