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  • Presentation Artifact: press conference (03.2018) with Gabe Newell

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    Gabe Newell held the first press conference dedicated to the collectible card game Artifact. At the conference, Gabe talked about the development of card games as an industry, explained what ideas they follow, developing Artifact.

    The artifact is a fairly complex game in which tactics are very important. In it, you cannot give an exact victory algorithm.

    Putting money into the game will not give an advantage. And in fact, the rarity of the cards will not mean its value in the game.

    Players will be able to trade cards on the official Steam platform. He argues that such an opportunity will make cards a liquid asset

    The card game was created not from the world of Dota 2, but from a franchise. This fact points to an unlimited variety of maps that can appear in the game Artifact.

    The game will have several game modes. And also the opportunity to watch someone else’s game.

    Artifact will be released on mobile devices in mid-2019

    The game will be held regular tournaments in both CS and Dota 2.



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    Gabe Newell promised to everyone who was international to give free access to the game.

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